OWA Mission and New Operating Principles

The OWA board of trustees has written new operating principles that are aligned with our mission statement. We welcome your comments and feedback.


Old Worthington Association
Statement of Mission, Operating Principles and
2015-2016 Issues Agenda
July 2015

Mission Statement

The Old Worthington Association (OWA) is a civic association devoted to improving the quality of life in Worthington, Ohio by enhancing the city’s historic core, which is known as Old Worthington.  The organization’s mission statement states that:

The Old Worthington Association is concerned with the preservation of Worthington’s Historic District and heritage, distinct residential character and the unique design and architecture of Old Worthington.  OWA’s commitment to the community is to develop a high degree of concern for, and participation in, local government; to promote responsible development, which will help ensure continued high standards of physical attractiveness; to further continued pursuit of educational excellence and the enrichment of our cultural environment; and to encourage private and public organizations to participate in planning and maintaining well designed park and recreational facilities.

Operating Principles

Consistent with this mission, the Old Worthington Association’s organizational priorities are based upon the following operating principles.  The OWA: 

1. Uses its volunteer resources to advance City of Worthington and Sharon Township policies and priorities that enhance the quality of life in Worthington, Ohio in general and in the original part of Worthington in particular.  This includes a strong commitment to enhancing the Worthington Historic District and encouraging balanced, sustainable development that includes a commitment to maintaining and, as appropriate, expanding parks and other green space, including the Village Green.  Importantly, the OWA took a leadership role in petitioning successfully for the placement of the Worthington Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

2. Listens to and communicates with its membership, city staff and elected local government officials and the broader community prior to taking and advancing policy positions.  This includes an emphasis on proactive and not just reactive decision making and a deliberative, but nevertheless nimble, results-oriented approach.  OWA is also committed to an ongoing Community Dialogue Series with elected local government officials and staff and relevant subject matter experts; the presentation of architectural awards and the selling of historic plaques; local government candidate election surveys (but not endorsements); the publication of the OWA Lantern newsletter; annual meetings; participation in community events, including Market Days; and ongoing monitoring of relevant local government meetings.

3. Believes that the Worthington Historic District designation should be built upon by advancing municipal policies and neighborhood actions that enhance the Historic District and, through these actions, all of Worthington.  Examples could be enhanced signage; enforcement of existing codes and standards in the Historic District; the creation of higher standards as necessary to improve and preserve the Historic District; and a review of how other cities organize, regulate and invest in their historic districts.

4. Works to support the educational achievement of students who live in the Worthington School District.  This is accomplished primarily by the creation of an OWA Scholarship, which is given annually to a deserving student with the “intent to study the fields of architecture, city planning, government, public service or a related field.”

5. Supports public policies that encourage environmentally sustainable development and historic preservation within the context of a historic urban village and a growing, albeit land-locked, inner-ring suburban community.

2015-2016 Issues Agenda

Directly aligned with the Old Worthington Association’s mission and its operating principles are the following 2015-2016 issue priorities.

1. OWA Organizational Review. The OWA Board of Trustees has updated its mission statement; created operating principles; and is working to engage with and expand its membership; in the process, it is bringing greater clarity and focus to its work.

2. Create and Advance Issues Agenda.  The OWA is working with its membership and external stakeholders to advance the following issues agenda:

• Refine and advance its position on the development of the United Methodist Children’s Home property, which is the last large (42 acres) green space left to be developed in the City of Worthington.
• Monitor and follow-up as necessary with regard to the construction of the Showe Condominium development.
• Work proactively to finalize development of a Worthington Historic District policy agenda and then advance it with city officials and other stakeholders.

The Old Worthington Association Board of Trustees looks forward to gaining additional input from its members and community stakeholders with regard to its mission, operating principles and its 2015-2016 Issues Agenda.