Snow House and Masonic Lodge Updates

As we go forward into 2015, OWA will continue to do our best to keep you informed of important events affecting the City of Worthington, in particular the Architectural Review District.  We have already received several emails asking what happened at the December ARB/MPC meeting.  Since Candy Brooks retirement from the Columbus Dispatch you may not see as many articles relating to the ARB/MPC meetings in the Worthington News.  OWA will endeavor to keep you posted on what is happening.
The Snow House development as proposed by Showe Developers was approved by the ARB will several changes.  The majority of the changes made were through public input.  It can now go forward to the city building department for final development review and building permits. The Masonic Lodge was approved by the MPC to go to city council with a recommendation that a PUD be approved.  The architectural review portion of the application was discussed, with public input, but was once again tabled.  It was felt by city staff that it should not be voted upon until after city council approves the PUD.  At this point the Masonic Lodge development PUD will be presented to city council by Lee Brown and Lynda Bitar at the next city council meeting where it will be considered and discussed but will not be voted on.  The earliest it will be voted on will be the city council meeting on January 20th.
OWA has written city council another letter commenting on the positive changes that have been made with public input as well as some concerns that we still have.  We ask that you review our letter and make your feelings known both for and against the project so that city council may have an understanding of how the community feels. 
We all live in Worthington and want it to continue to be the best community we know it is.  Your input is important and we encourage you to share it in a manner that can be appreciated by everyone.
Mikel Coulter, President