P Susan Allen         
P Greg Browning
P Mikel Coulter
A Marlo Capuano
P Margaret Real
P Jo Rodgers
P Jim Ventresca

7:00 Call to order
Representatives from the Worthington Libraries attended to meeting to discuss the upcoming issue, Issue 53, to ensure ongoing funding for the library. They are doing 2-3 talks per week to promote the levy.  They have literature, which they provided to the Trustees, that they are happy to provide to anyone who would like it as well as yard signs that they will deliver. Jim spoke favorably of his I-Phone library app that allows him to reserve books.  He uses it almost exclusively.

Mikel provided the bank statements to Greg.  He also informed the Trustees that we received a thank you note from our 2013 scholarship winner.

The City Council race is not really a race as there are 4 candidates for 4 seats.  Richard Schultz who had been a 5th candidate dropped out of the race due to a possible upcoming move outside of the city.  WARD is hosting a meeting the 1st week of Oct. with all 4 candidates.

Mikel will be a member of the planning group looking at bike and pedestrian resources.  Jo noted that due to bikes being a major focus of Sustainable Worthington and thus getting much attention in the city, the pedestrian focus will need to be prioritized.  Although biking access is important and growing, there are many more pedestrians than cyclist in the city and the walkability of the city should not be lost sight of in the effort to create bike access.  

Mikel and Jim met with WARD (Eric Gnezda and Fred Yaeger) to discuss combining our efforts regarding the UMCH site.  WARD has no known adopted position at this time; currently their only stated goal is to have input into any public process about the sight.  Since we do not know how their ultimate goals will mesh with our stated goal of working toward a public/private partnership, we have chosen to continue to keep our efforts separate.  Mikel will email our position letter to them and ask if they would like to endorse our plan.  

The new head of city planning, Lee Brown, is now in place

Market Day is Saturday – see Mikel if you forget your scheduled booth time.  We will be selling the plaques we have left.  There has been an announced 40% increase in plaque pricing for our next order.  Jim will try to negotiate that price down somewhat.  

Colonial Hills has started working on their historic district application.

Our next meeting will be Monday, November 25.

9:00 Adjourn

Submitted by Jo Rodgers