Dear Old Worthington Association (OWA) Members and Friends,

Thank you again to those who completed the OWA 2018 Annual Member Survey. The survey results, including your important and insightful comments, will be put to good use as the OWA continues its work.

As promised, though we are keeping our commitment to not share individual views, we are sharing the aggregate survey results with you. And we will use these insights and the “reality check” they represent to guide our efforts as we continue to communicate with the broader Worthington community and with our elected and appointed city officials.

Reflective of the member survey results, the OWA Board of Trustees will endeavor to communicate with you more frequently about emerging issues and ideas. Meanwhile, if you have questions, concerns or recommendations, please contact us directly via email ( or by calling OWA President, Greg Browning, at 614-440-2328.

Finally, please know that what you think matters as we advance the OWA mission to enhance the Worthington Historic District and Old Worthington for the benefit of all Worthington residents.

2018 OWA Member Survey Results

OWA’s ten survey questions and the aggregated results (rounded to the nearest one percentage point) are outlined below.

1. Do you think that there should be a review and possible amendment of local ordinances in order to better regulate the demolishing of existing homes and/or the subdivision of residential property in the Worthington Historic District and throughout the Architectural Review District (ARD)? This issue will likely grow in significance as Worthington runs out of developable lots and as our town’s popularity grows in the future.

Yes: 82%

No: 18%

2. Do you think that significant development projects in the Architectural Review District should all be voted on by the elected city council and not just approved by the city council appointed Municipal Planning Commission and Architectural Review Board members?

Yes: 70%

No: 30%

3. Are you in favor of affordable increases in parkland and other green space throughout Worthington to better meet community needs?

Yes: 83%

No: 17%

4. Would you support the City of Worthington’s purchase of a portion of the United Methodist Children’s Home property on High Street for use as a public park and therefore not have this land developed by a private developer along with the rest of this forty-acre site?

Yes: 81%

No: 19%

5. Should future commercial development of Old Worthington be limited to the High Street corridor in order to preserve the residential integrity of the area?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

6. Do you have advice as to how the OWA could better serve the needs of its members and be more effective in the process?

Answers: In addition for strong support for the OWA’s mission and historic preservation related priorities, leading examples of suggestions include: enhanced communication with members; greater efforts to identify best practice examples that Worthington could tailor to its needs; stronger push for more sidewalks throughout Old Worthington and better maintained sidewalks both of which will enhance walkability.

7. Do you have specific ideas that you think OWA should support? For instance, some have suggested that more significant efforts be made to help Worthington become a more walkable community. This could include sidewalk improvements, for instance. Others have suggested that the OWA should help facilitate the creation of a Worthington Community Foundation. What are your thoughts?

Answers: Strong support for a more walkable Old Worthington and Historic District. Interest in a Worthington Community Foundation, but it appears that more information needs to be provided with regard to this idea before there can be a clearer view of what makes sense on this front. (Note: OWA will attempt to provide additional information. Another item of interest related to traffic congestion and parking and the need to think carefully about how to address these issues.

8. Other than the ballroom that was added as a third floor to the Worthington Inn, no building in the Worthington Historic District is more than two stories high.

Would you be in favor of encouraging the City of Worthington to limit any new construction in the District to two stories?

Yes: 71%

No: 29%

9. Some Worthington residents are concerned about increased congestion in the Worthington Historic District and related pedestrian safety issues. With this in mind, which of the following options to increased pedestrian safety in the Worthington Historic District would you consider supporting? Please prioritize your selections by using number 1-5 with 1 being your highest priority.

• Better street lighting at intersections? Priority: 3

• Electric signs that show vehicle speed

and compare it to the speed limit? Priority: 1

• No right turn on red at high pedestrian

Traffic lights, such as New England and

High Streets? Priority: 4

• Better marked crosswalks? Priority: 2

• No text and drive in the City of

Worthington? Priority: 5

10. Should the City of Worthington be very careful to continue the historic nature and residential character of the Worthington Historic District as plans are moving forward to tear down and replace one story Stafford Village senior housing units with what will likely be two story units? These apartments are located along Stafford Avenue and Hartford Street.

Yes: 85%

No: 15%